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    Default Resignation from *****

    It's with a deep sadness I take my leave from managing these forums and website after my three years at the position. The long hours were taking a toll on my life and with the recent departure of Duby a week before the annual celebration of Duby Day, I no longer have the endurance to waste any more years of my life here.

    With my objection no longer present from the board of advisors, Matlock saw it as the most profitable course of action to transition full management of the website to the fine team at I'll be spending the next two weeks offering advice on how to edit the software and monetize the site before fully leaving the admin team.

    Lefos has been appointed the acting administrator in my coming absence due to his many years with the website and deep trust with the community. I believe he has removed ********** from the admin roster. His official statement being "Get that trash off my website."

    Jin-Roh and Jermatoo will be upgraded to moderators as a new form of checks and balance of power to keep the forums neutral as possible.

    The main changes going forward include stricter moderation, less warnings on bans, and a complete removal of any political or special interest affiliation of the site. Except for oversexualized gaming of course. Hatred of titles like Blade & Soul and Scarlet Blade are fully encouraged to back our new editor's opinion of how MMORPG titles should behave.

    Forums will be renamed based on monthly advertising rates and SEO benefits to capitalize on the decent sized community currently established. Funding to remove other titles from discussion is also being considered with Bethesda taking the first step and removing all mention of ******** from rotation. Our ESO and SMITE events will continue as planned, though I'm not longer in a position to confirm that for any duration into the future.

    ******* and Content Creation:

    The acquisition also includes *******, which will now transition into an indie gaming channel as MMORPG has concluded that Jamesbl0nde is awful at MOBAs and not to represent their brand in any meaningful way moving forward. A sample of his new content should be going live shortly so please subscribe and don't miss out on the details behind Battle Disks, a Hazben Games production.

    Anyway I'm going to sign out of here before I get emotional and lose my last weeks of pay saying something I shouldn't. It's been fun community and I wish you best of luck in the dark days ahead.
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