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Thread: Battle Disks - First Look

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    Default Battle Disks - First Look

    Battle Disks by Hazbeen Games pushes action MMO combat to the limits with intense 1 on 1 and four player free for all matches where skill is King.

    Experience true action combat like never before in Hazben Games upcoming esports destined title, Battle Disks, where “Skill is King.” Face off in intensive 1v1 and soon 2v2 and 4 player free-for-all combat as you push your customizable disks to the limits to prove you are the king of games. Unlock favor from victories to further upgrade your disks in an evolutionary RPG system as you specialize your board pieces with intelligence, strength, agility, thickness, stackability, and hops.

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    Totally looking forward to it, seems almost revolutionary.

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