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Thread: Yay, ADHD!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FarmerM View Post
    You should think about seeing a doctor. I knew I had a bit of a problem for a while but then I saw that Adam Levine ADHD awareness ad and was like "Damn. I should probably do something."

    Pharmacist said the meds can take around 1-2 weeks to start showing an effect. Really hoping they work.
    Is it that big of a deal though? It's just really annoying, takes me longer to complete insignificant tasks, and I forget a lot because my mind is constantly moving from one thought to another.

    I could understand if it negatively affects my life in a significant way, but I can't say that it does. I think medication would have served me best in my adolescence because I actually struggled in school during tests, reading, completing homework, etc.

    Although, it would be really nice to be able to focus on reading some books and manga that have been on my to-do list for a while. I can't stay focused unless I have immense motivation.

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    I guess it depends on what you want to do. I am personally tired of not finishing the majority of what I start due to my mind shifting constantly to new things.

    I want to be able to focus on what I am doing and finish it without having to worry about a squirrel hopping by and completely f*cking the entire effort.

    ADHD can also cause emotional issues such as frustration, anger, and depression.

    I for example get angry when my focus is broken.

    The way doc explained it's is it a natural, even if unnoticed, response from the brain.
    The brain is working very hard to maintain that focus. It's the equivalent of building a house of cards and someone slapping it.
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    I was diagnosed with ADHD and Bipolar when i was 7 took meds for it till i was 18, TBH idk if those meds helped me or not but i dont take em anymore lol i still have tons of problems but i try to take care of them without relying on some kinda drug that the docs "think" will help. I went through prolly 20+ different types of meds for that crap over the years kinda sucked and it screwed up my body. Personally think those meds made me even more depressed about life.

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