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Thread: Yay, ADHD!

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    Default Yay, ADHD!

    So, thinking for quite a while that I had ADHD, I wen't to the doctor and it was confirmed. I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm 27 and have been prescribed Ritalin but at the same time I am quite excited to start taking it tomorrow.

    Hopefully, it will have a positive effect on my ability to focus. Meaning at least I can finish doing the things I enjoy. At most that it unlocks my brain and I can move things with my mind.

    Anyone else focus impaired or have any related experience?

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    I've had trouble concentrating/sticking with things all my life (21 now). Haven't been diagnosed with anything. My mom told me I was tested for all that ADD stuff when I was like 5, and she never bothered to check again, even though I spent all of middle school and high school failing classes because I couldn't focus on doing my work I can't say if lack of interest is the issue, or if I just have actual troubles with concentration/attention/focus/whatever.

    I look forward to seeing how it works out for you.
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    Diagnosed with severe ADHD. I'm currently on 20mg of Adderall XR and 100mg Strattera every day.

    Hasn't improved my academic performance (4.0 college gpa before, still 4.0) but it has meant I can be MUCH more productive when I study. Now I can get my work done, and have time to enjoy friends and life. So overall my quality of life has significantly improved.

    Side effects for me include lower libido, sleep trouble, sometimes I get downs as the Adderall wears off or I get over-stimulated and have to take a nap/just close my eyes for ~20 minutes as the Adderall kicks in.

    Medicine for ADHD is great but it's only an aid. Getting proper sleep, nutrition and exercise does WONDERS for ADHD, and if you aren't getting those you will feel like crap on meds. Also, consider therapy to help you develop better time management and ADHD management for skills.

    Meds aren't quite a long term solution. You will develop tolerance to the meds, and constantly increasing dosage can lead to issues with dependency and health problems. Getting the opportunity to break the unhealthy habits you have developed to cope with ADHD without the ADHD symptoms interfering is an incredible opportunity. Therapy is the best way to take advantage of that opportunity.

    God speed.

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    Wow I'm not used to seeing such a productive and beneficial response in the Lounge. I feel like I'm leaving this thread learning something.
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    I was diagnosed ADHD + tourrette's syndrome (compulsive muscle twitches) as a kid, but never took meds because my mom didn't want me to be zombied out. Like an above poster said, there are ways to combat it like getting good sleep, healthy diet and exercise, because ADHD can be directly linked to a seratonin chemical imbalance in the brain, with controls the dopamine (feel good) receptors, and exercise+healthy diet can naturally boost the seratonin chemical.

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    My current lady friend has it pretty bad. I can tell a day and night difference when she doesn't take her medicine. She gets very locked into a single task when she does...I sometimes have to repeat myself 4 times if shes reading something or looking at her phone. I like her a lot more when she isn't taking it, but it makes her feel much more comfortable and less overwhelmed so I don't try to sway her in either direction.

    I probably have anti adhd if there is such a thing. Even when I should be hyper I'm still more chill than most people...I end up looking underappreciative or unenthusiastic. I'm actually fairly excited about a lot of things, I'm just not great at showing it. Kinda like Arnold's really weird cousin on hey Arnold.

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