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    Default steam quotes

    we got a chatbox ones lets have a steam one

    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: NO
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: man NO
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: dont do it
    Jaydude: oh i did it
    Jaydude: hard
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: damn man
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: did you get rid of any evaidence?
    Jaydude: O.o
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: so you did not ya know...wack him?
    Jaydude: if him is my penis
    Jaydude: ^.^
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: :unzips grabs duct tape and chains:
    Jaydude: disturbing
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: i went to far?
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: oops my bad
    Jaydude: lol
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: fine fine i will not bring the chainsaw
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: but anywho how ya doing today man?
    Jaydude: got up not too long ago
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: same
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: man
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: i think
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: im going to clone my self
    Jaydude: O.o
    Jaydude: it's illegal
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: shhhh
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: you aint heard any thing
    Jaydude: you would be scared to hang out with yourself
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: lol
    Jaydude: lol
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: scared of my own self
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: thats all the words needs is 2 dubs in i
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: it
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: total world desctrtuion
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: madness
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: death
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: lol
    Jaydude: lol
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: ima clone you too
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: but gonna make your clone a female
    Jaydude: hah
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: then
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: im going to clone you again
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: untill i got a army
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: then we
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: will
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: take over the world
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: and raise the dead as or slaves to do our biding
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: your female clone is for you ill make her look like a hentai female
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: lol
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: wait?
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: you will be
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: omg
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: no!
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: youll be having sexy time for your self?!!
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: SCORE!!!!!!!!
    Jaydude: >.<
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: :P
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: man
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: think about the money
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: you and i can make
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: you and your clone
    Jaydude: it would cost millions to even do
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: shhh
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: i got plans man
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: gonna get a moneky strap some c4 to its back and let it make its way to the cloneing base
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: then i walk in
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: and grab the goods
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: you gotta be the look out
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: we will use bunnz for his man tail
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: he will confused the gurards that or left
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: good plan right?
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: this is gonna work!
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: but wait
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: wait!
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: we gonna need
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: some
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: theramite as well
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: hmmmm
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: let me call some one
    Jaydude: lolwut
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: shhhh
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: you did not here any thing
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: this is going on onrpg
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: wtf moment
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: time!
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: gotta shit first
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: brb
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: lol
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: just messing with you man
    HeartAttacksAndColdStares: bored again :P

    more later only got 4 i think folks on steam to talk and mess with :P
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    So basically, you made a thread to show you spamming people on Steam.

    Seems legit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SourChicken View Post
    So basically, you made a thread to show you spamming people on Steam.

    Seems legit.
    nah :P i always mess with folks on steam there on the firends list thingy

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    Uhhhh.... NOPE

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    pls respond

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