Those character models P_P
And yea the Paladin looks a bit like the Cleric in Neverwinter . That weapon in its left hand .

The Cryomancer

We've been excited to show off some of the beautiful scenery and GDC demo locations from Skyforge. Today, we'd like to lift the veil of secrecy on the first of two classes played by GDC guests, the Cryomancer!
These masters of ice and snow wield the latest in science and engineering achievements, a portable cryogenerator. This device allows them to harness the energy in the air around them and focus it into deadly spikes of ice and violent snowstorms with a simple thought.
Cryomancers have the ability to perform powerful attacks and defensive abilities such as the Cryonic Pulse, Icy Missile and the Ice Statue. They can be a very dangerous and calculating enemy who knows no mercy!

The Paladin

A few days ago we revealed the Cryomancer , one of the playable character classes in the GDC demo. Today the community gets their first look at the second class, the Paladin!
Defender of the weak and oppressed, the Paladin empowers his blade with divine energy to bring down the righteous wrath upon his enemies! The Paladin also wields a powerful artifact, a seal, capable of both inspiring allies and creating serious threats for his enemies.
The Paladin is capable of performing devastating attacks and engage in prolonged battles with abilities such as the Righteous Blow, Seal of Light, Punishing Bolt and Celestial Shield. The Paladin is one who not only inflicts damage on his enemies, but also protects his friends, making him an excellent brother in arms!