So far it's not confirmed if you can play if you're from the US and already have a nexonEU account, they just said they blocked account creation from other ip's than europe, but as we all know there are tons of ways to bypass ip restricted games.

I will definatly be playing it, used to love this game in 2008 and it was very competetive and had a great pvp system, and at that time it wasn't as cash heavy but more based on strategy (and ofc grinding), like a chess game in pvp. Then it got more cash heavy, not sure how it is now though.

Anyone else who will play up for some partying/making a guild or whatever?

I wont be playing the new class (Belissa) cause she starts at 30, and she can't be changed in to another class later on like all the other classes can be with that vial thing, might make an alt of her later on though