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Thread: Your Idea of an Ideal MMO?

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    Default Your Idea of an Ideal MMO?

    Literally 5 minutes ago I was lying in bed, watching Criminal Minds and spontaneously began brainstorming what my idea of an amazing MMO would turn out to be. Being a fan of the good ol' Medieval and early, early American times, my idea went something like this:

    It's in the early 1620s, Pilgrims have landed a few years ago but a bustling society has yet to be made. You have arrived on a British ship with a few hundred other people, some ill, some near death and the lucky are in fine condition. You have been given your rations of food and a minimal amount of equipment to survive and make your own home. Once the ship captain sets you free, the land is yours to conquer.

    You begin in a small town with the basics: a general store to barter with, a small inn that sells produce and meat, and a housing area that currently has a meager 40-50 log cabins. The docks are packed with people departing and arriving; barrels, nets, crates and fishing equipment are randomly placed all along the area.

    The supplies given were some tattered clothes, a small some of cash, and a dull blade.

    -Completely open-world, minimal quests (the quests are essentially tasks given by citizens that are 100% optional).
    -The wilderness contains ravaging wildlife, unknown plants, and riches to be discovered.
    -Build a house, log by log in any style or shape you desire, given that you have the materials.
    -As time progresses, the world evolves at a specific rate (10x, 20x, 50x, etc. real time).
    -Custom servers can be hosted at ease, each being randomly generated.
    -Barter and trade with (actually intelligent) AI using coin, minerals, resources or possessions.
    -The game world is to scale with the actual U.S. providing almost endless exploration.
    -Tame wild beasts (not so easy).
    -Grow your own crops in your claimed plot of land, raise farm animals, produce milk, eggs, etc.
    -A working economy that's (close to) factually based off the U.S. during that time in real life and changes with time.
    -A horse carrier/post boy system that provides randomly generated news, participate in elections, run for mayor of your own town.
    -Communicate with Indians by either offering peace or death.
    -Day/Night cycle.
    -All civilians are killable, shops rob(bable?) but a bounty will be placed on your head that increases in popularity and price the more crimes you commit.
    -(adding more soon)

    Plants in the wild can either be harmful or beneficial. Newly discovered areas, plants, minerals, animals are automatically written down in your "notebook" in order to keep track of progress.

    This is currently all I could think of but once my brain starts to function properly again I'll try to add more that I feel would be a great addition.

    Feel free to add ideas, criticize something or come up with an ideal MMO of your own! It doesn't exactly have to be currently reasonable, it just has to appeal to your tastes.
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