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Thread: MMO with PvP fights that don't end in seconds

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenvoo View Post
    but i still enjoy the wild ups and downs of pvp. The amazing victories and heartbreaking defeats.... try not to take losing too hard and just enjoy the puzzle of the game maybe...
    I'll try to remember that while remembering my time in open world PVP in Perfect World, where mages would one-shot newbies in quest hubs four or five times each before they stopped. Or the fact in Loong, there were high levels camping the entrances to the starting city... and just ganking everyone who ran by. How about Iris Online's open pvp areas, where bots would camp the area transition points. Due to how far away you respawned, you would not be able to run back through said area transition before the bot killed you again. (Yeah, respawns = area transitions in Iris.) Or how about AIKA, where the website didn't tell you that non-citizens could open pvp citizens (and vice versa.) But, if you are attacked, you first have to switch to PK mode before you can attack back. Really strange that one was since you could be PK'd even if your PVP Mode was off.

    I've just had way too many bad experiences with open world pvp. I'd prefer not to experience it again, ever.
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