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Thread: is love real?

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    Default is love real?

    Ive been wondering this for a while. is love a real emotion are something that was forced into or minds and dna? through generations and generations. ive been wondering for a whole what love truly is as i cant seem to feel this thing called love. so what is love? is it real or is it all false? mabye i am just heartless and undercareing which if i am then forgive me. thanks guys


    i really do not know how to explain it. But i cannot show love to any one. I give a hug and i feel nothing from it. No emotions at all. Nothing. So this is why i am asking on what love is. Am i damaged to not feel any thing. Another thing is. I feel no passion for anything. I had to kill two mice last night. Knife right through there skulls and i felt nothing from it. It just seemed like something that had to be wiped from this earth to be returned to mother earth. Am i just fu.cked up in the head? or is there a term or something called for this issues i am having? thank you all

    :edit again damn it:

    the mice or field mice that invade or home. i dont just go out and kill stuff for fun. but this i had to do to prevent them from spawning even more mice. i got five in my room i feed and keep as pets even if they are wild. they keep me company
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