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Thread: One last Maplestory get together

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    I haven't played in the past week but I'm on the top 30 players in GMS.

    As for your answers saying that my statements are false (I'm gonna go backwards) -

    1. it's literally impossible to fight the end-game bosses unless you're not just a paying cust****, but a VERY VERY HIGH paying cust****. Tons and tons of potential cubes, buying the TIMED extra pendant slots, character slots, etc. You need to buy about $500+ worth of Cash shop miracle circulators to get your inner potential to Legendary... etc., This is just stuff to PARTICIPATE in end game. Not sure why you're just saying FALSE! without explaining why it's false. Good luck fighting Hard/Chaos anything without dropping a few thousand

    2. --Maple Story IS one of those games with an extremely low population--, first of all

    Also, when I say that has more hackers than a random shooting game or GunZ, etc., I'm talking % wise.

    3. You do get put back on the rankings now after a botting or hacking ban actually

    4. Actually they have had several Second Chance events where they unbanned all the perm banned hackers, not sure why you'd say it's false.

    btw if you don't believe that I'm a top player in the GMS rankings I will go on and whisper you because * I LOVE OnRPG!!! * but honestly it's not something to brag about, all your stats & skills cap at 200 and it's a pointless achievement
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