I am looking for the perfect game to start over the summer as my semester ends in just 10 days.

What I am wanting:

1) A game that has a decently large playerbase, and a decently large economy thats NOT paytowin. (I recently got back into to Conquer Online on to find out its basically paytowin so its just pointless)

2) F2P isn't a large issue but it is definitely a plus.

3) Graphics... the graphics to me do not make a game to me so that isn't an issue, I've played WoW and decently enjoyed it and ive played Dofus (2D) and fell in love with it.

4) Games I've played heavily and enjoyed in my past: Runescape (100+ Days played), Dofus, Conquer Online, WoW (On and off, only got to around level 50 because I merely feel lost in that game), Diablo 3.

5) The newer the better, the game doesn't have to be brand new but I dont want it so old where its basically impossible to start due to overpowered players everywhere.

6) PvE and PvM, I cant stress it enough, if the server revolves around any kind of PvP count me out. That is never my thing, I enjoy raiding and sticking to killing monsters, never other players.

7) Simplicty, as you can tell by some of the games I've played, I enjoy simple ones that arn't to complex that it takes years to master.

So from all of these hints I've given to which games I've liked in the past. Please give me some games that I should check out! I enjoy basically any game, I just want to actually play one for more than a month. Also add me on skype at cameron.gaming if you suggest a game and can help me out on it with the basics and getting started.

Thanks in advance.