I've just recently completed Persona 4 (I'm not playing Persona 3: FES because you can't control the characters) which really bugs me for some reason...SO, that being said, what game should I continue out of the ones I'm going to list? (or you can refer me to another).

Current games I've started but have only JUST started: Ar Tonelico, SMT: Digital Devil Saga, Xenosaga EP:1, Rouge Galaxy and I'm about halfway through FFX but I've beaten it before more then once.

I was enjoying SMT: Digital Devil Saga up until I saw what the female MC looked like...that really short hair is terrible IMO. Maybe it's different in the 2nd one and worth playing through? I heard the story is really good but if it's not the best SMT game story wise then I can always switch.

I can use any system that can be emulated so I'm openly open to suggestions. Games with a good story are a must and Romance is sometimes a must but, depending on the game, I can look past that. I'm a sucker for a good romance story. :P