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Thread: MMORPG's that are worth playing?

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    If you like a MOBA can't go wrong with League of legends or DOTA 2, both are very high quality F2P, and aren't P2W.

    If you like an ARPG like the Diablo series, you could try Path of Exile on steam, a very solid and addicting F2P game, also not P2W

    when it comes to straightforward MMOs though I don't know, can't find any that are worth investing time into myself
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    Quote Originally Posted by olaph View Post
    Have you checked the advanced video settings in game to make sure the 'low quality render' option is unticked?
    Olaph Yes, I've even searched on google solutions ... but nothing, it seems that it is a "bug" that was not selected by the RIFT team = (
    is a shame because the game actually looked pretty engaging, I think I'll keep it in Aion, I found the game very rich, and if by chance the latency problem persist I will continue trying to C9 Continent of the Ninth, which was another game that I liked too.

    I still want to thank everyone who helped me with tips.
    ps: in the future I will put my nick in Aion or C-9 for those who want to add me there in game =)

    Thank you all and God bless you all!

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