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Thread: H1Z1 Ode to SWG fans disappointment o.o

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    Unhappy H1Z1 Ode to SWG fans disappointment o.o

    Hey guys!

    I have a quick question. I know fairly few people on here were actually Star Wars Galaxy fans but of any1 who was a fan of star wars galaxies disappointed when they announced H1Z1 as an "ode to SWG fans" yet the genre is no where close to fantasy/sci-fi OR related to star wars in any way?

    I was watching the weekly recap and excited to read there was a reveal for this so called "ode," hoping it would either be a successor OR something related to the genre AT LEAST. But was sadly disappointed when they announced it :/

    Besides the SWG fan note, as a competitive gamer and major in marketing, why would SOE release a game on a dying Genre? Not a single one of my close friends likes the genre anymore (Mainly because in the course of the last 3 years, we've killed at least over a million zombies). Interesting game mechanics though I will say :P

    That's just my rant :P Leave your opinions. Could care less if they're negative or positive
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