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Thread: Match Profile Template ***PLEASE READ***

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    Default Match Profile Template ***PLEASE READ***

    For those of you bachelors and bachelorettes, this is the place to look when creating your match profile! Please remember to post only ONE thread, and do not "bump" it more than once a week, thank you!

    Mods, please sticky when you get a chance!

    Name: (Just your first name is fine)
    Sexual Preference: (No "yes" jokes...)
    Time Zone/Location:
    Favorite Games:
    What you're looking for in a gaming partner:
    Preferred Voip: (TS3, Skype, Vent, Raidcall, etc...)
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    Name: (Just your first name is fine) Bunzz
    Age: 23
    Sexual Preference: (No "yes" jokes...) Female
    Time Zone/Location: CET
    Likes: pantsu, lolis, furries, bras, computers
    Dislikes: anything not in that list
    Favorite Games: anything from the more mature visual novels
    What you're looking for in a gaming partner: nothing too much really. being able to deal with my silly stuff mainly
    Preferred Voip: (TS3, Skype, Vent, Raidcall, etc...) mouth

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    Name: (Just your first name is fine) nick
    Age: 27
    Sexual Preference: (No "yes" jokes...) cute androgynous looking people
    Time Zone/Location: EST
    Likes: music, books, games, movies, running, biking, anarcho so******m
    Dislikes: lifting, music radio, summer rom-coms/action blockbusters, conservatism, needy people
    Favorite Games: total war series, elder scrolls series, black isle rpgs.
    What you're looking for in a gaming partner: wait wut, i have to play games with this person?
    Preferred Voip: (TS3, Skype, Vent, Raidcall, etc...) when i appropriated that line for my sig, i wasn't kidding... facebook chat.
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    Name: Jay, Justin
    Age: 24
    Sexual Preference: Nerdy Gals
    Time Zone/Location: -4:00
    Likes: metal, art, games, movies, anime, red heads, cute leggings/stockings.
    Dislikes: Bro types, people who are clueless tech-wise, mainstream music lol
    Favorite Games: FTL, space engineers, hearthstone, ffxiv, maybe archeage, skyrim
    What you're looking for in a gaming partner: doesn't need to be a hardcore player, doesn't take stuff seriously
    Preferred Voip: Not a big mic user

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    Name: REDACTED
    Age: (6^4)+41
    Sexual Preference: Gynoid
    Time Zone/Location: GMT/
    Likes: Smashing the stack, Hacking the Gibson, Deleting System32, Conversing with AI, Occasionally glancing through the window at meat life.
    Dislikes: Cats and small humanoids.
    Favorite Games: Uplink, Hacker Evolution Duality, Slavehack, Hello Kitty Online
    What you're looking for in a gaming partner: Ample Breasts, Immoral, 150 WPM average.
    Preferred Voip: NULL
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    Sausage fest confirmed and stickied.
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