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the thing is, wow combat was polished from the get go.
teso combat is not polished at all, it's not even GOOD.
it ****ing lacked hit confirm until they added it like 3 beta weekends ago.

im glad that you can think for yourself, otherwise games like teso wouldn't exist.

No it was not polished form the get go not in a milion years it had it problems and bugs as many mmos does when released but great from the get go no.
Yes TESO combat system is not the best itīs bad yes but itīs also fun because itīs more interactive geesh do you guys even read anything or just read one line and think I mean just that.
And no poeticas I donīt use fan boy as an insult I use form a term of a Persson who defend there game till the end even if they would change it from good to rely rely bad.

But yes TESO has many flaws many bugs but itīs not the first game to have it on release SWTOR,TERA,Neverwinter had it also on release maybe less than TESO but over time all does games fixed there problems and still does.

Yes using TESO for example may been bad but I also used Tera, Vindictus as an example for the combat system I like I was talking about I like the more action combat system I never said anything how polished or not it was but that it was Action based and thatīs what I mean with fan boys your to blind your love for your game is so high when trying to talk to you itīs like trying to talk to a wall you donīt listen and you keep repeating your self about your game why itīs so great and what not so I see fanboy not as an insult but as a term for what you are a person who wonīt listen and takes anything said about there game thatīs is not what you think like an insult because of your obsession of the game and any one not liking your game is wrong. Like TB would say there is no point to have a conversation with a Fanboy because they wonīt listen anyway.