I got this email the other day,

As a fan of The Secret World we invite you to take part in the all new upcoming Alternate Reality Game (ARG), The Black Watchmen!

This fresh ARG is created by Human Equation, who brought The Secret World community The End of Days ARG, in December 2012, and the first Black Watchmen ARG right before the launch of The Secret World.

Hundreds of thousands of players took part in these ARGs, and we are now offering you a special opportunity to join the new Black Watchmen Persistent ARG coming September this year!

The Black Watchmen Persistent ARG will give you the opportunity to take part in challenging investigations and special missions, and join a community full of ARG fans.

The game is "pay to play" as far as I can tell. You will have to buy a years worth of subscription to participate. Seems like to gain full acess to the experience (which includes the ability to download the mobile app), you will need to pay $30, but there is a cheaper option that doesn't include access to the mobile app (at least from what I understand).

Seems interesting, and might be worth checking out.