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    Default looking for a game

    Hello today I finally decided it was time to ask for help finding a game. So basically what im looking for is a game that you dont have to always do quests on a good example of a game like this would be runescape you dont have to do quests 24/7 i dont mind downloading and i also dont mind graphics too much.I like the concept of grinding and etc I also liked the idea of runescapes skill system. anyone able to hook me up with some decent games that dont revolve around questing?

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    hmm it's tough to say since most of the games right now require to quest for a majority of the time until you reach higher levels where you just spam events and grind for levels.

    does it have to be free? cause i enjoyed grinding in FF14. in gw2 you can explore the map and gather ingredients and level up via professions.

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    Yeah, It's a tough question for a game with minimal quest well one example of this is Kingdom Underfire check that game its like more on a siege war or playing shogun war and you need to level up your troops and conquer each territory. Also, if you like a MOBA MMORPG you can check Eclipse War Online, this game has a lot of character transformation, but no class advancement it depends on the monster you acquire and the Nation war is like 3 lane MOBA style PVP.

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