Last night I had a pretty odd dream. It was an apocalypse-style dream. It started out pretty normal, but then we started getting word of some weird (computer) virus that was going around. Don't remember who "we" is. It was two or three people, myself taking the perspective as one of them.

Anyways, after some investigating, we finally figured out how the virus was getting around (apparently it was being sold to hundreds of wannabe hackers for something like $100, which is partially why it was being spread so fast). It was both a cellphone and a computer virus.

Anyways, about the time we were about to close in on the ******* behind the whole thing, some giant ass robot starts appearing, destroying everything and killing almost everyone. Eventually he would disappear. It seemed like he would teleport around the globe, destroy/kill for 20-30 minutes, then disappear/go somewhere else.

Eventually, we realized that it was cellphones that were allowing the deathbot to track down large clusters of people. Most people hadn't caught on. Internet/phone services still worked for the most part, which is why people were still able to use them.

Somehow, I ended up in some huge city on the coast. Not sure if it was Europe/Asia/America or what. I had gotten separated from (or they had died) the people I had been with. I watched a pretty neat battle of the military trying to take out the robot, they even made use of some macross-style transforming jets.

That's about when I woke up.