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Thread: Anyone up for an Onrpg Gamenight?

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    Default Anyone up for an Onrpg Gamenight?

    as the title suggests, i was thinking of organizing an Onrpg Game night on Tabletop Simulator

    people allready made various gamemodes such as

    Cards Against Humanity
    Monopoly (cleverly renamed to Eddiepoly for obvious reasons)

    and people are currently bussy getting alot more board and card games to work.

    so far only me, snow and jay own it, and we would love to play some proper games (no worries about table flipping, i have it disabled).

    you do not have to download anything to play these added gamemodes, only the person who hosts needs to have it.

    as for what time, i was thinking about 21.00 GMT +2
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