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Thread: If u cud draw, which mmo character wud u like to draw? (also what language is this?)

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    Default If u cud draw, which mmo character wud u like to draw? (also what language is this?)

    If you could draw really well, which mmo character or style of character would you feel is the nicest thing for you to draw? Which would be the style of your drawing?

    For me, I found one example of a Smite mmo character which is very close to how i like to draw. Proportions, movement, colours would be like what I would like to draw. Freya the God in her Northern Lights costume. Colour is pink pastels, her proportions are sleek and a bit anime yet not stretchy anime style, and her movements are precise :-

    short and simple - the start bit of this video at 8 seconds in, shows Freya in Northern Lights-- wow what style and panache !

    longer battle with Freya in Northern Lights costume :-

    That would be my type of drawing which would be my style.

    Also anyone know what language they are speaking in the 2nd video (besides swearing in english)?
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