Hey guys was hoping you could help me out.

I realise there are A LOT of threads out there about comparisons , but that only increases the confusion of choosing and since I havent played MMORPG's much, I usually dont get what they are talking about.

Anyways, so I am planning to start a new mmo that will last me 9 to 12 months (ya I can really spend a lot of time on an MMO by playing, doing a lot of PvP, playing in a clan, etc).

The last MMO I really liked was neverwinter online .

Also, unfortunately the $40 to 50 price of purchasing an MMO would mean if I buy an MMO right now, I wont be able to buy another for quite a few months (would only afford the subscription cost).

So what I'm looking for is
  • something that will run on medium settings on my Laptop (1366x768 resolution, i5 sandy 2.4GHz (about the same as a sandy i3), 7690m XT gpu (equavelent to 6670 desktop card)
  • I love crafting, playing the market, etc...
  • good endgame content (when you want to play for 12 months, you need endgame content)
  • good PvP is very VERY necessary (can't emphasis enough on this). Also, I love playing in guilds, etc.
  • some action based playing would be nice (like in neverwinter, tera, etc, though most new MMO's have this)
  • I live in Asia, so I will be playing on an EU server (or an ASIAN server if there are enough english speakers there. though EU servers have very playable pings for me)

now for the individual games pro's and cons

  • pro: still in beta
  • pro: playing it right now and it seems nice (though I am still under level 10 so dont know much)
  • pro: I know it will run on medium settings on my PC
  • con: the most expensive to purchase
  • con: I've read some pretty bad reviews of it
  • con: I've heard the PvP really isnt that great, specially compared to ESO

  • pro: heard it has really good PvP
  • pro: I know it will run on medium settings on my PC
  • con: I was able to get into the beta (though got in a bit late), but unfortunately couldnt play much. Only played to like level 3 but for some reason I didnt enjoy it
  • con: for some reason havent really played the elder scroll series, and not really a fan of them

  • pro: pretty cheap to buy
  • pro: cross region (so I can buy in US where games are cheaper and play on EU or Asian server)
  • con: been out for a while (I prefer to get into an MMO that was JUST released or is in beta)
  • con (BIG one): I've heard that it is mainly PvE based, that the majority of the population prefers PvE..
  • con: don't know how it will play on my PC

  • pro: I hear you can own shops and stuff, since I like to play the market, this would be really fun
  • con: its still in alpha testing... no idea when it will come out
  • con: went f2p in korea (or wherever its from)

or would you guys recommend something else?