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Thread: Need help on games :(

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    Default Need help on games :(

    Hey guy's new poster here Theres 2 games im searching for help if you can one being a MMO other a sandbox like Dayz kinda or a call of duty type of fps not spray and prey lol

    Okay , I played WoW since tbc and thats mainly the only PC game i got emerged in , I'm looking for a game that can give me that feeling when you first join a mmo and just lose yourself everythings cool , a big playerbase is a must , I would say im a PVPer and i dont raid so pve games for me are kinda meh , I would prefer a F2p model but if theres a really good mmo that's worth some cash let me know!

    MMO'S i played
    runes of magic
    Guild wars 2 + 1

    Also im looking for a really good survival game im waiting on stomping land . Dayz is just too whoever see's first gets the kill and i dont like that ive played rust but i god dam suck at even feeding myself , Infestation can such a **** i bought it downloaded logged in and shot dead everytime i spawn in that game I just want a Survival/mmo/fps that i can just lose myself in

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    Zombie thing game is repeated every year when Left4Dead release their game.

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