Hi everyone,

I played Lineage 2 for about 5 years (both official and private servers), then I had a break. Now I would like to play same similar MMORPG for low-end PC (because I want to play on my laptop as well as desktop).

What I tried so far:

World of Warcraft - don't like it (but runs great!)
Flyff - freezes
Shaiya - very, VERY! similar to Lineage 2 (even darkelf walks the same)
War / Battle of Immortals - I don't like "2.5D"
Neverwinter - wow, I liked it, but it's too laggy in cities and graphics are very bad on minimum

So basically, I am looking for low-end PC MMORPG in style of Lineage 2 / Guild Wars 2 / TERA. Any ideas? Thanks!

My system specifications:
CPU: Intel Celeron B830 @ 1.8GHz
GPU: on-board