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Thread: Have u guys seen the replay match function in Smite? Any offline player for it?

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    Default Have u guys seen the replay match function in Smite? Any offline player for it?

    I just finished a 5v5 match in Smite and I was surprised to find the match had been recorded ! Anyone know which other mobas have a record match for replay function?

    I was so impressed with the replay function (it is just like Neverwinter Nights 1) that I had to post. I wish I could show how good it is -- even streaming wont do it. The thing with Smite's replay function -- u can go anywhere follow any hero and the replay even knows when to focus in during critical action periods and goes into Bullet Time ! omg.. bullet time....

    Well the thing is.. with replays, instead of just one action movie from your perspective, the moba suuddenly becomes 5-10x more movies -- from each heroes perspective! wow..

    Anyone know if there is an offline player for Smite replay files?

    Anyone klnow if any other mobas have a replay function like Smite?
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    hon, dota 2, lol
    u r so strange TBH

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