I really need some help finding a good MMORPG. I'm a bit newer to the scene and my background consists of playing Runescape for way to many years. I then and still play League of Legends but I need a side game. My buddy got me into WoW and after a good 5 to 6 months I just didn't enjoy it mostly cause of the community and me being new the game was fun but being as far behind as I was and not knowing it along with some of my buddies quitting it wasn't worth playing anymore.

What I'm looking for if someone can help me is a bit more of a highly recommended pvp game. I don't mind paying a monthly subscription, but would like a high player base so I feel like I interact with people in pvp. I'm not much into the sci-fi theme but if you can convince me I'll give it a go Sorry if grammar is terrible it's the internet. Also if any of my wording is off I am also sorry.

Rated pvp/open world pvp is always nice I know that I'm somewhat pick on stuff like that but I like fighting people not bosses.