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Thread: Your top online games, and why?

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    Lightbulb Your top online games, and why?

    Simply post your favourite online games!
    for me,
    Dota 2- best MOBA
    Path of exile: my favourite action rpg
    Realm of the mad god- a rogue-like bullet hell open world game.
    Warframe- Space ninjas

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    Talesweaver & Ragnarok Online. It's all about the nostalgia.

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    i tend to only play pvp games mainly.

    Champions of Regnum - really casual straightforward open pvp RvR games. strong combat balance, keen yet casual devs, and a really straightforward community. Way cheaper than official DAOC. there really isn't a better f2p alternative for me.

    Smite - really enjoying this one right now. I tried dota and it was just too slow (click to moe... duh..) Smite is full WASD third person pvp in daoc style. It's pretty intense. I wish the camera was higher up closer to Regnum's style, but oh well. Also the voicesets r pretty hilarious and wow... that Freya Northern Lights costume is really great.
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    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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    1 Cabal online fast paced action with amazing looking skills
    2 RF online my first sci fi mmorpg it was just epic
    3 Dekaron just pure action and alot of pk :P
    4 SWTOR amazing story lines with very good voice actors
    5 Star trek online Becouse i love sci fi and the ship battles are cool
    6 GW2 very good combat system and a new way to lvl up not just to go to 1 NPC ore a orther
    7 Vindictus for a old game it look amazing and a very good battle system just pure action
    8 Tera online very good grapics nice classes and i love the none target battle system
    9 Atlantica online very nice turn based system
    10 endless online my very first mmorpg its very old but stil fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by boracarina View Post
    Simply post your favourite online games!
    for me,
    Dota 2- best MOBA
    Path of exile: my favourite action rpg
    Realm of the mad god- a rogue-like bullet hell open world game.
    Warframe- Space ninjas
    In order:
    *League of Legends - high playerbase and skillcap
    *World of Tanks - gratifying, pretty graphics
    *EVE Online - great economy, pretty graphics
    Starcraft 2 - addictive
    *Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - girlfriend plays, pretty music/graphics
    *Entropia Universe - crafting tree, real money trading
    *Runescape - Dad plays it, high playerbase
    *ArcheAge - PvP & endgame
    *Guild Wars 2 - wonderful combat-system, high playerbase
    War Thunder - friend plays it

    *Games with an asterisk are ones where I try to supply *cough* "Gold".
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    Wurm Online - Best, most complete Sandbox-type MMORPG currently in existence, in my opinion.
    Progress Quest - It's pretty interesting in a funny way, plus makes for a great comparison for shitting MMOs, "Why play this game where the game auto-runs you through every quest and requires you to click only at certain times, when you could just play Progress Quest?" for example.
    Red Orchestra 2 - Really fun FPS set in the WWII era.
    ArcheAge - Nice blend of sandbox and main-stream/Themepark features. Makes it easy for a lot of the masses to get into, plus it's developed by an "AAA" developer. This means it wont suffer from the low population of most other sandbox-type games have.

    Those are my favorites at this very moment.
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    #1: Ragnarok Online - it's very extreme
    extremely fast-paced combat
    loads of build customization/freedom, on top of the already incredible class variety
    very high-powered unique and interesting skills
    a lot of room for skill, tactics, strategy, teamwork
    also the greatest soundtrack

    #2: Guild Wars 2 - it's very immersive
    beatifully detailed environments
    believable (and frequently hilarious) NPCs
    interesting quests
    fluid, engaging, fairly high-action combat
    and it also has PLATFORMING HECK YES

    #3: League of Legends
    It has a lot of what I liked about RO, except it's less extreme and WAY more streamlined. side note: was notably improved with the release of Dominion

    #4: Wakfu - MMOTRG
    I love TRPGs like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics. I get to play one that's an MMO? yes pls

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    1. World Of Warcraft ... Why ? Because its World Of Warcraft

    2. Guild Wars 2 well mostly because i am a fan of guild wars and i played 1st from the very beginning till the very end and well spent over 1.4k hours on gw2

    3. Final Fantasy A realm Reborn ... i dont even know why.
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    My all time best low spec MMORPG

    1. SilkRoad-R Online
    2. Uncharted Water Online
    3. Grand Fantasia Online
    4. RF Online
    5. Rose Online
    6. Loong Online
    7. Heva Clonia Online
    8. Lucent Hearts
    9. Cloud Nine Online
    10. Fiesta Online

    And the reason why ?
    Because these game are one for the best low spec 3D game for low spec pc users. There a lot reason why they my best
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    Entropia Universe ofc, its the only game I play.
    Started march of 08 and haven't missed more than a day or two at a time since.
    (going on vacation tomorrow and there will be a 7 day period without Internet.... not sure how I will handle that)

    I don't know why I like it so much,
    Perhaps its because it is my first (game) love.
    Perhaps it is because of all the friends I have there.
    Perhaps it is because with all the different studios developing for it I know that there will always be things for me to learn and explore.(5+yrs 5+hrs a day and still lots I don't know)
    Perhaps it is the economy and knowing that what I do there has real life effects.
    Perhaps it is because I am a closet gambler.
    Perhaps it is the maturity of the player-base.

    One thing I do know is that I love the feeling of doing well in an environment that is so difficult and competitive, knowing that my hard work, research, and intelligence makes me better than the person who failed under the same set of circumstances.

    I don't know what the full formula is that draws me to it, but I love it with a passion, and enjoy it immensely.

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