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Thread: ArchBlade - where the hell did this game come from?

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    I've played it before. It's an ok game for a short time nothing long term like playing for hours. You basically hop into a server rooms and pvp away with the character you buy. They tried to make it combo base game but it don't exactly matter as button spamming can sometime own the best player. Right now they have wpn and armor system but it is quite unbalance as someone who buys the ingame points or gems to purchase gems only items will have the lead even if they are lower rank than the other player who's higher rank. Also different characters provide different play style which is nice. For example, tiac have more defense and can take more hits, while dealing a decent amount of damage. Flame renny is more damage base player get her to do a good combo on a player and you can basically kill them in that combo. Ice renny is more of a freeze player in place do combo and repeat, a good mid range melee fighter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenvoo View Post
    it's weird and interesting how Smite, a similarly themed action moba, seems successful and yet Archeage is not.

    Seems an example of Archeage not listening or responding to the needs of their playerbase as much.
    Smite didn't need a kickstarting, seeing as it's produced by HiRez, a fairly well-to-do indy company with a fairly well known and respected repituar of games under their belt.

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