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Thread: Recommend me something that you would join me in? (MMORPG.)

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    Default Recommend me something that you would join me in? (MMORPG.)

    I'm getting very tired of rerolling and grinding on Path of Exile. I also haven't mustered the commitment to play GW2 alone again.

    I preferably would like to know if anyone would jump on a mmorpg with me. I'm not very picky about it but let's avoid:

    1. Path of Exile/Diablo 3 genre games. I've been on those for too damn long.
    2. I can pay subscriptions, I do not have the time to make that subscription feel like it is worth anything though. (Engineering student.)
    3. I am against OLD GENERIC asian formula games, Perfect World, BoI, WoI.
    4. I am not a big fan of games of repetitive instancing, Warframe.. Vindictus ( I actually love this game but I can't stand the instance grind.)

    The goal here is to have some more buddies to enjoy a decent game with.

    CLARIFICATION: I am an EST player in the USA. If we have a 12 hour differences, it will be pretty hard for us to meet unless it's a weekend lol. I don't encourage having bad sleeping habits unless you are studying for an exam haha.
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