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Thread: If you plan to play a MMORPG for years...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApocaRUFF View Post
    I didn't mean to put ESO as a f2p game. Pretty obvious it was a mistake :P But if you need more for the "high quality" f2p list, there's LOTRO, DCUO, Planetside 2, etc..

    The problem probably stemmed from the fact that I was playing ESO with some friends while typing up the post, so I had ESO on my mind at the time.

    I'll leave my post as-is, though. Just so that if ESO does go F2P sometime in the future, that portion of the post will become accurate :P
    all of them are what you call freemium ... they are games with premium content therefore they are not f2p
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    stop making tags up

    f2p = free to play = those games let you play for free

    other f2p games also have cash shop so technically it can be called 'freemium' since the things they sell are premium items/content

    if a game makes you happy i think 200$ a year on said game is a small price to pay for hours of enjoyment.

    goes to the movies twice a month or even once a month with a date will cost you more and you are only getting 1-2 hours from it - not including popcorn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kopogero View Post
    Forget the P2P/sub only option.

    3 years average $540 + 60 on boxes/expansion, at least you'll be spending $600 on a single game.
    The only time I would see myself spending $600-1,000 on a single game is if the game is truly something on a whole different level, which is not in 99% of the MMO's.

    Any F2P or MMORPG that requires $50 top per year to fully enjoy its content/features is the only option for me.

    Sadly, there aren't many F2P MMORPG's out there that are fun to be played in first place for free. Maeby by 2020 that will change.

    Market is overflooded with card/battleground type MOBA/FPS/RTS repetitive/deathmatch/shoot em up games that I remember playing back 20 years ago with my friends on the Nintendo. Only difference now is they are 3D and better 3D graphics than 10+ years ago.
    1-2 weeks of work to get you 3 years of enjoyment...seems fine to me.
    My family members have easily spent over 5k on TV's which do last a while, but for what reason? for their enjoyment and entertainment.
    I don't watch TV much but I do game so I would rather spent my money on that instead.

    Yeah, I understand that some people don't work(don't complain, to young? grow up and then get a job)
    and don't earn high amounts of money, but honestly if you budget correctly and figure everything out.
    That much money isn't much at all.

    I'm sorry but if you're gaming, expect to dish out some money.
    Hell expect to dish out money for everything you want to do in life, nothing is free.
    "Free" is used to pull people in, there is always a catch to it.
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