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Thread: MMO or MMORPG that I can play using just the mouse and an on-screen keyboard

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    Default MMO or MMORPG that I can play using just the mouse and an on-screen keyboard

    I'm disabled and have limited hand movement so finding games I can play isn't easy. So far the only worthwhile game I found I can play is RuneScape. I have an on-screen keyboard but you can only press one key at a time. The arrow keys work for moving the camera in RuneScape so I should be able to move a character. Also I can only left click the mouse. I know this limits the games I can play but I'm hoping someone knows of a game that I can play with my limitations. I like pretty much any RPG or Strategy game.

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    Wakfu is a turnbased mmorpg with many unique classes and very pvp, pve, you do press keys but you dont press them as much, you might also be able to use skills with a mouse by clicking the shortcuts, i'll try it out when i reinstall it - i prefer wakfu asia since its f2p without region block (i think it dont block any)

    The Last Stand: Dead Zone - this zombie game only requires you to left click, they shoot zombies automaticly but you can micromanage them, right click doesnt do anything. your goal is to survive a zombie attack, click maps to examine areas for equipment, supplies and upgrade your base, you can raid
    people that are offline which means people can also raid you when you're offline rofl when you're online, zombies raid you. cool thing is that you can set traps and position your survivors to defend properly!

    Rise of Mythos is a card game with single campaigns only requires you to left click, has a few strategies but its pretty much who gets
    to the enemy player and drop them to 0 hp to win. pvp is alot of fun and there are party dungeons too, one of my favorate games

    Dragon pals a turnbased game where you collect dragons, flash games only need left click so yeah dont worry so much about no right click

    Kingdoms CCG - another card game but this time it's more of a card vs card instead of card summoning dolls.

    Wartunes - one of the best browser games until like lv.36 ( starts getting slow, maybe i was just too serious and then got bored of it ) pvp is pretty fun but its pretty much fighting an A.I unless there is like a battleground event going on where the goal is to kill the enemy and collect minerals (you move slower while dragging a cart)

    Heroes of the Realm - another card game, but this one is kind of automated, you can still pretty much use your own combination to get higher attack rating and such, there is a few pvp content that is unlocked midgame and it gets fun as you understand how the game works
    at first i was frustrated that this game had automated combat but the illustrations, upgrading buildings kept me long enough.
    server 2 is better because its linked with kongregate or you can play from kongregate if you want, hotr in kongregate didnt work for me.

    Haven and Hearth - pretty much a huge world where you choose an empty land or house to live in or join other people's village. you can build various things, fish, hunt things and also kill people. graphics may look silly but the gameplay is pretty nice. read this first before playing

    Serenia Fantasy - a old retro-like rpg game but online, the nostalgia lured me into this game it has a few classes and no customization but you could look different with costumes atleast, what matters is that the game is very cute and i love cute things + pvp - all you need is a mouse and minimal button pressing

    also for Heroes of the Realm, Kingdoms CCG, Rise of Mythos, you have an option to create multiple accounts to try getting better cards as it's luck based, i made like 8 accounts and half of them got rate cards the other half didn't even have.

    these are all my favorate browser games so i hope you enjoy them

    Anno Online is a free-to-play strategy simulation game that lets you build and
    develop big medieval cities., as usual only requires mouse clicks and if you want to move screen use the arrow keys. it offers rich graphics. feel free to try it.
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