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Thread: New Game.

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    Default New Game.

    im thinkin of either of these.. bothhave features i want. one ya get from the beginning.. others come in time.

    Angels Online
    Sword Of The New World

    Thoughts oppinions. more so for afk grinding to have some sort game feeling. but evening playing after work n family life.

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    angels online kind of look goofy though, well if you dont mind cute games i guess i could suggest you two browser games
    that i really like. with autopilot system

    Lunaria Story - a browser game side scroller has automated system and is very easy to reach lv.35 (VERY CUTE and has marriage system)

    Serenia Fantasy - a old retro-like rpg game but online, the nostalgia lured me into this game it has a few classes and no customization but you could look different with costumes atleast, what matters is that the game is very cute and i love cute things + pvp
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    If you're looking for a new game, check my list here:

    MMORPGs to be released this 2014:

    1. The Elder Scroll Online--release date is April 4, 2014
    2. Black Desert--release date says 2014
    3. Blade & Soul--release date says 2014
    4. Bless--release date says 2014
    5. The Crew--release date says 2014
    6. Ever Quest Next--release date says 2014
    7. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms--release date says 2014
    8. Lineage Eternal--release date says 2014
    9. Monster Hunter Online--release date says 2014
    10. Phantasy Star Online 2--release date says 2014
    11. World of Warships--release date says 2014
    12. Eclipse War Online--release date says 2014
    13. Kingdom under Fire--release date says April 2014

    Other MMORPG games that is still under development but looks good:

    1. Revelation
    2. Wolfknights
    3. Tree of Savior
    4. Closers Online
    5. Soul Worker

    Released MMORPGs that's awesome as well:

    1. Final Fantasy IV ARR
    2. Tera Online
    3. War of Genesis
    4. Rusty Hearts
    5. Aion
    6. Dungeon Striker

    MOBA Games:

    1. Core Masters
    2. Heroes of the Storm
    3. Dead Island: Epidemic
    3. King of Fighters MOBA


    1. Ghost Recon Phantoms
    2. GunZ 2: The Second Duel
    3. Destiny
    4. H1Z1
    5. Team Fortress 2

    Flight Simulator:

    1. War Thunder

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