Welcome to our special Dragons & Titans HellFire Giveaway event! To enter all you need to do is tell us what your ideal dragon mount would look like/how it would function in this unique MOBA, and you'll be entered for our raffle. Winners will be selected Friday afternoon (PDT), May 2nd, and PMed their unlock code shortly after.

So what are you trying to win? The code unlocks the following:

The Hellfire Dragon, Scourge of the Ashen Plains, a fearsome fighter and support dragon, complete with the Midnight Hellfire and Jade Hellfire skins, and Ulfberht, the Living Flame, an offensive weapon. Also in the pack are the Astaroth's Guard and Hyperion's Command avatars, 10 Epic War Marks and a pack of 10 random tier 1 Runes, and a massive potions pack including 25 of each Damage Increase, Refill Health, Refill Mana and Cooldown Reset potions.