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Thread: Lost Saga EU just went open beta!

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    Default Lost Saga EU just went open beta!

    For those European gamers among us that played lost saga back when it was run by ogplanet, rejoice! For Nexon EU took Lost Saga under it and is now running it, and dont expect it to go anywhere anytime soon!

    For those who dont know and are interested, Lost Saga is a fast-paced, fun-packed brawler where mythical and legendary heroes collide in an all-out-fight.
    You get to choose from over 100(!) heroes to play as: compose combos, skillful maneuvers and outplays in 8 unique game-modes.

    In short, a ton of fun.

    If you want to catch up with all the recent news about it, the recent news articles are on it's front page:

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    Its officially launched now and its tons of fun
    Not all sweet sugar tho. It is still missing key features like Gear Design, Market, Fraction War, Lots of stages and old characters. (they have released a bunch of new ones but in total its still less than the old version)
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