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Thread: Anyone here playing ANYTHING?

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    play titan quest over gameranger ..old game but pretty fun w/ a friend or 2

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    Games atm are:
    GW2: I gotta say if you're playing this for the PvE aspect find another game. (I'd say FFXIV because the PvE is pretty nice IMO). If you're looking for fun PvP in both s/tPvP arena style modes and World vs. World huge scale fights then this is for you. If you think WvW is just zerging, then you're not playing right. Get into a guild that does organized raids, and gets on team speak and you will have a blast. I originally didn't like this game then came back a few months ago and now it's my go to game. Combat Style+PvP = Win. The PvE isn't so bad but I've never been a PvE person I just do it for the gear if I have to. The end game focus here is to PvP and do WvW, which perfectly fits my needs. No other game does better gear scaling, and the lack of gear grind is perfect for me. You grind for looks in this game essentially.

    Smite: I only play Arena mode, because I like the fast paced style, and lack of PvE farming type stuff you get from the typical moba lane map. Maybe one day I'll try another game mode but I have lots of fun on Smite. It's a fun game for me to pick up in between classes when I have some free time. Constant god updates, and the game runs extremely smooth which is a huge plus.

    CS:GO: Just another pick up type game I can do when I feel the need for more skill based PvP.

    Assetto Corsa: BEST RACING SIMULATOR ON PC EVER. If you're into racing sims this is a must get. Drifting feels great (hard to find on pc) and the cars all feel and sound so good. With a wheel the game is phenomenal and even with an xbox controller it's fun. (Don't play with a keyboard). Multiplayer comes out tomorrow I'm excited!

    Trying to pick up on Dragon Nest, but I can't ever decide if the game is worth getting into. I always remake a character, get to level 10-15 then just quit. It's happened since I was in beta. Not sure why, I love anime, and the combat but I'm not sure. As you can see I love PvP games, which is why all the games above appeal to me. Not too much into PvE type stuff.

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    Was playing aura kingdom but game was lame to me stopped playing wow when i got lvl 90 and got some end game gear. Stopped ff14 ARR a few months ago after running dungeons for tomes got extremeally repetitive but might subscribe again since they got a new update recently..other then that i bought GW2 a week or 2 ago and played 2 days and already got bored of it..dunno what it is but something turned me off and seems really hard to find friendly people to teach me the ropes or a guild to join. Currently looking for a mmorpg myself!

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