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Thread: Anyone here playing ANYTHING?

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    Default Anyone here playing ANYTHING?

    I got $, I got time, and trying to find a DECENT game in general. I'm not picky, I don't care if graphics are cartonish, anime, 2d as long as they are not painful to watch (both 3rd or 2d).

    I don't care if the game is PvE/PvP only or both or I wouldn't care either if I'm paying $500 a year if I know exactly what I'm receiving for every single $.

    What I do mind are games designed to be played as single players and claim to be MMO's. I do mind games that try to rip me off. I do mind games that in general have bad management either in cash shops or not properly secured and if vulnerabilities do exists at least they are quickly and swiftly taken care of.

    So, I ask this community WTF are you playing and more importantly why are you playing it? I'm so curious to see the type of answers I'll get and thats the other saddest part. I'll most likely get the type of responses: cuz my friends play it, cuz there is RvR, open world PvP, raiding, cuz it's turn based, cuz it's NEW, cuz I've been playing it for years and nothing better to move on to, and so on and so on and so on.

    THOSE ARE NOT VALID REASONS for one to play a game, since most games are based around those things. So, I'm so curious to see how many players from this community are ACTIVELY playing a game and I would love to get detailed response with ONE GOOD reason why their game is worth to be played compared with the hundred of other games that exist and existed on the market.

    It seems like most around here just like to jump into the action and play a casual MOBA/FPS/RTS/card game with their friends and win/lose some games and repeat the same process OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.

    I remember back in the days when I played 100,000 Star Craft matches (1v1/2v2/3v3) the reason I overplayed that game to the core is because there was a lot of conflicts, interaction and epic experiences. I've won some epic battles amonst one of the best players in a pure 1v2 or even 1v3 and saving those replays and showing to the community was priceless. We had clans going on, we had smurfs (hiddin under different names, to just get into those games and destroy those 3v3 newb grinders for perfect score and wins). We had ladder ranking, we had trading (yes trading unique names or names that could not be used anymore) We had user map games for variety, we had A LOT more than just typical, repetitive battlegrounds.

    In general, Star Craft 1 was a gem that comes twice a century. The music, the skill cap, the action, the balance and perfection amongst the races. The story, the voices, everything worked smoothly. It was an epic experience, but I just dont see that type of experience in current games out there.

    So, anyone here playing ANYTHING?
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