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    I wouldn't follow any onrpgers in a game because it's a trend here to quit a game within a day or a week at most, i've had numerous friends just be left all alone the next day right after joining onrpgers multiple times no offense. don't let the quitters ruin your hype!

    Sdgo is a great 3d person shooter that also has meleeing options, robots with homing missles/megabeams aka no probleming hitting people. and also has lockon (right click to lock onto a target) the game has pve content but i play it mostly for the pvp, however i pve for quest rewards so i could earn more robots etc. what kind of game gives you a high tier unit for a quest reward??? this game gives you like 4 or so S ranks, that's really nice.

    I play this game because of the fun gameplay and i really liked the gundam animation series, there are many good looking mobile suits, fair ammount of technics to master (isn't really required but if you master them, you could be unstoppable)

    I also like the idea of gacha aka rolling a capsule machine for a gundam, collecting 400 or so mobile suits is fun, there are alot of events held in cherry credits sdgo so i hope you try it out some time! :Grin:

    here is a gameplay video berserkD has even more interesting videos so check his channel if you like.
    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    i play on the worst pc possible so i turn everything off so it looks like this on lowest settings, too bad these were saved in jpg format..

    if i turn on all the settings it looks like this

    though i was still using lowest settings on my graphic card since it's integrated so this means it wasn't even on the highest settings

    here is a mirror download link because they block foreign ips from downloading but lets you play it

    the game is far from p2w but you can buy an S rank which is the highest tier with like 15 dollars or so but they don't automaticly win with it and it only takes a few days to build an S rank, i can use the worst C rank and kill most of the S rank users no problem. you also get around 3-4 free S ranks through quests. they also do alot of events so you should keep an eye on it.

    here are some screenshots that i saved a while back, this was the older version of sdgo so you could tell the difference in UI

    enemy are obviously your kills, support is assist aka bruising your enemy etc. shotdown is the ammount of deaths

    i kept killing them without them noticing my low health and ended up surviving the whole match like that rofl

    5 guys came after me and got caught in my special and i gotta admit they were pure stupid, i never expected to kill 5 at once so easily xD

    at first they make you do missions until your user rank is 2 strips, after that you're allowed to pvp.

    you use both keyboard and mouse to play this game. but you could always change the controls but i find that to be too much of a work and i prefer using wasd in this game.

    also there are special attacks in this game which is weapon 4 when you use it, if it's a melee special you dash towards your target and you're invincible during the dash, you could use a special to avoid another player's special and melee them as they die wondering why their special failed.
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