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    Quote Originally Posted by cotas View Post
    You gotta be kidding me right? Arenanet is completely cluess when it comes to class balance, and no they don't listen to the community feedback. I do like GW2 but there's hardly any content that interests me, you just spam dungeons everyday and you might get a legendary in 5 months. That's it.
    i wont lie, i'm bored of the game as well so I'm certainly not posting from a fanboy point of view. But no, I'm not kidding. I'm not a fan of where the meta has shifted to in the game, in fact i complain about it ALL the time, but if you think they don't balance the classes based off of feedback then, no offense but you're just an idiot. Read thru the forums, when the majority of people begin to come together and all agree a certain build from a certain class is overpowered (or underpowered), it had been changed.

    Stun lock warrior was locking too much everyone said....nerf to stun sigil and trait movement
    Perma stealth with thieves were too much everyone said....nerf to stealth with reveal debuff and initiative gain in stealth
    Longbow was completely worthless in pvp everyone said...major buffs in damage, speed, and utility to longbow
    DPS gaurd didn't do any dps they said....buff to dps guardian builds, now they hit like trucks
    Dhuumfire was completely OP everyone said....immediate nerf to dhuumfire

    Do i really have to go on? Seriously i don't know any game that has a big a pvp or pve community as guildwars where they are constantly making an effort to balance out the classes in pvp. It's on par with moba balancing. Like i said though, i don't agree with some changes nor do i like the current meta, but to say they don't listen to community feedback is completely ludicrous. Have you even SEEN the spvp forum? half the damn threads have dev responses to them. They even have state-of-the-game interviews where they bring in top players with devs to discuss balancing issues. Name me 3 mmos that make kind of effort in terms of balance.

    You and i are in different worlds in gw2, i played mainly for the pvp and lived in the mists. We played different games from that standpoint.
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