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    Default GunZ 2: Officially Launched

    In case people didn't catch it:

    • *Wayne the Strider added - He has three class exclusive weapons including the Whip, Revolver and Lever Action Rifle
    • *Earning premium items is easier now - Supply crates now give guaranteed purified ores and crystals for winning matches
    • *Gladiator mode added
    • *Several balance changes made, including Max gaining his super armor back, R skills having cooldowns and Rena getting nerfed to oblivion
    • *Netcode changed - Now has lag compensation (improves ranged combat vastly, drastically hinders melee combat)
    • *A couple of new PvP maps added for Gladiator, TDM and Elimination
    • *Accessories now have permanently reduced prices and can also be purchased with gold.
    • *Custom / Practice mode now available - You can set up public / private matches now. This mode offers no rewards, however.

    Official 1.0 release -
    Balance changes -
    Wayne details -
    Been trying out Wayne the Strider for a few matches and I would have to say that his playstyle is "Classic GunZ 1" personified. His whip, while having very little combo potential, is insane OP due to its attack range. His ranged weapons, on the other hand, are hard as balls to use, except his Rapid Shooter LAS which can stunlock a lot of people. Like in GunZ 1, he can tumble using ranged weapons and dash using his melee weapon, which takes me awhile to get used to since I've been conditioned into dashing all time using the other characters.

    Right now, however, he doesn't seem to be a threat to any classes in particular (except against other Striders)
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