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Thread: When it comes to...

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    Default When it comes to...

    High playerbase (to guarantee some longevity)
    Character/ship whatever persistant progression multiplayer game
    Secure (no wide spread of hacking/exploits that exists or swiftly taken care of)
    Reasonable payment model (no absurd pay to win system)
    I'm not restricted or too dependant on certain individuals to play it.

    What comes closest (in your opinion?)
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    B2P Guild Wars 2 <-
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damash View Post
    B2P Guild Wars 2 <-
    this ... you are free to do what you want to do in guild wars 2 its not the total freedom you still do need to farm and do dungeons with certain people to succeed but the game is not based on classes there are no tanks no nothing but its judged on your skill and how good you are with your character ...

    its b2p and no need to pay monthly , character customization is decent and etc ...

    other than that i would say final fantasy a realm reborn while it costs monthly the gameplay and lvling system is just great even if you are casual you can do a lot of things like housing ,gardening and etc and they are adding a lot more
    Once you create a character you can be anything on it ... tank or healer or damage dealer you can lvl all the classes and the world if beautiful.
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