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    you are a medium sized bird. not as big as a crow or a hawk, but bigger than a hummingbird. around the size of a pigeon.

    your bird fiancÚ has recently given you a beautiful diamond engagement ring, and your wedding is tomorrow. congratulations!

    however, you were flying through the park, admiring your new ring, when you accidentally dropped it! a human then picked it up and put it in its pocket. oh dear!

    you followed the human to its house and flew in through an open window. you stealthily found the ring and put it in your beak. but just when you turned to make your escape, the human discovered you! yikes!

    what is your plan? do you try to find the open window you originally flew in through? human houses are awfully confusing. do you try to break through a closed window? do you try to befriend the human? do you stay until the human lets its guard down? your wedding is in less than 24 hours, so you can't stay too long.

    what is yr plan?

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    Dear god... The plot for The Hangover 4. It's amazing.

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    I try my best to do an interpretive bird dance to explain my predicament to him or her.

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