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Thread: Japanese captcha image translation needed

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    Default Japanese captcha image translation needed

    Can anyone help me translate this captcha?

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    1. click on the windows icon on the bottom left of your screen aka the start menu.
    2. go into the control panel
    3. go into clock, language, region
    4. go into regional and language option
    5. click on the keyboards and language
    6. click change keyboards-> there should be an "add" option so go into that
    7. once you go into the add option there should be many languages to choose from so pick Japanese IME-if there's any
    8. after adding the new language click on the apply button and close that menu
    9. on the bottom right there should be a sign that says EN which represent English so click on that then you should have an option for JP
    10. choose the JP to type IN Japanese hiragana/katakana
    11. Go study hiragana and katakana.
    12. Use your brains if you haven't already.

    Good luck

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