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Thread: Multiplayers with chr progression that do not heavily depend on CONTENT updates.

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    Exclamation Multiplayers with chr progression that do not heavily depend on CONTENT updates.

    Ok, I'm getting closer to my ideal game. SWG Pre-CU kept me busy cuz it took me year+ to become force sensitive and another half month to finish the trials for jedi knight pre CU.

    So, I'm narrowing down my search to a non content dependant game that will keep me busy pursuing a path that will feel rewarding. At the end I became that content as I became a light jedi knight feared through the Empire I was consistently chased by bounties from both side and their coverts. But I also met allies who were there many times to protect me when things would get rough.

    I know games these days are far less epic than a decade ago. What comes closest when it comes to a game where players are more the content over depending on delayed/slowed content that make you lose interest while waiting for too long on devs? (Talking at you World of Warcraft) and most other themepark designed MMO's I can think of.

    That's my biggest concern and risk with WildStar...There is EVE Online, but there is too much automation and passive skill training. I've heard also multiboxing exists, anyways anything else?
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    Age of Wushu is the only game that comes to mind due to the many different skillsets available. However, it's all passive skill training.

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