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    Default Face of Mankind

    This game is being re released!
    They have made loads of changes including: Custom Factions, Time based skill training, Improved Eco System, Improved Mining System, Revamped gear with appropriate skill trees, balanced zones, and better territory control.

    Face of mankind is a game in which one player can change the entire world. Each piece of gear in the game is made by player, from refining the resources, to assembly. Political tension is always high and close friends can quickly become your worst enemy. Sell drugs, Mine for ore, Bounty Hunt, Enforce the law, Control the market, The choice is yours in FoM, and thats what I value in a sandbox mmo.

    Too many games today sacrifice Freedom for Safety. You are rarely safe in FoM, But you are free.

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    How many times has this game been 're released'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ethantokes View Post

    You are rarely safe in FoM, But you are free.
    unless they changed entirely this game, thats a lie ... u are not safe, sure, but u arent free either...( or atleast u are as much free as in real life with ewen more added morons with guns and power)

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