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Thread: MMO with the most engaging support classes

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    Current gen, no idea.

    Back in the day tho - Lineage II. The support class (Buffer) was so damn important, honestly the difference between life and death. Support buffs we're so powerful that everyone wanted a full buff, to the point support's while not doing much we're sitting in the main cities and selling buffs for in-game cash.

    Also buffs from different support classes (there was a number of completely different full buff support classes) could stack, and a full party would never be without a dancer/singer class and a more conventional direct buffer. Dacers and Singers did party buffs, the other classes most of the time did single target buffs. But support classes never meant to be squishy useless guys, nope, most of the time they wore the heaviest tier of armor and used dual swords. For buffing however they would switch to decent sets of magic armor and staffs that added casting speed and mana.

    P.S - You can still play the game, it's F2P now and is being somewhat maintained and updated. Unless you're going to puke your brains out because of the controls (no wasd, just point and click, tho is supports some sort of wasd but it's poor) there's no reason not to enjoy the game. Graphics are decent for such and old game, performance may be bad even if running on a high end rig, it's due to the old engine.

    But yes, worth a try.

    After Lineage II I have never seen a game that did support that good, and honestly that's sad.
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    Lineage 2 boasts a tremendous slew of classes with which to choose from (and upgrade to ). But you must keep in mind. It is an old game, so population isn't going to be what it once was, plus it won't be receiving huge updates at very regular times. PLUS prepare for a grind. Lineage 2 is a huuuge grind to level lol. That is what turned me off from it. I played it many many moons ago, but couldn't keep to it because of grind.

    I loved EQ2 though. Still do! But am playing ESO at the moment but that is my "off" mmo haha. Bards and troubadours are still VERY much desired at endgame for their buffs. Coercers and illusionists are interesting support because they do nice damage being "mages" but are specialized for crowd control. Then of course all the healers are wanted for things, but each healer does something a little different which is cool. I played a defiler, so I weakened enemies with DoT's and had a few healing spells. BUT my main healing came from wards. I applied wards to group members to protect from damage, which allowed me to control their HP

    EQ2 is old too though. so a good portion of population is at endgame, like would be the case for lineage 2

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    Rift's Archon soul for the Mage class is interesting. It's a Mage spec that revolves around reducing your stats to raise your party's stats. As well, they have buffs to steal stats from enemies to keep their stats normalized.

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