Hey everyone!

So I came across OnRPG whilst searching for ways to promote a new browser based RPG that me and a friend have recently opened up (in a kind of beta state). We've been building websites for a few years now and decided to build our own role playing game to bring back those memories from the school days where we would play online RPG's in during class!

The game is called Criminal Force (www.criminalforce.net) and it's a cops and robbers game, so you can choose to be on the crime side or the police side. Each side can buy weapons and attack the other side, or you can even run people over on the other side in cars. We launched it 90% complete, so now we're working to complete the existing planned features and then tweak and improve upon the game.

Some of the game's features are:
- Get hold of your very own cars and store them in your garage.
- Take money from other players (arrest criminals or mug the police).
- Purchase weapons from the many available in the Weapon Store.
- Take your chances at defusing a bomb in return for getting paid.
- Attack members of the other side, or even run them over.
- Put people in hospital, or even help people out of hospital.
- Mobile app coming soon, starting on Android with plans to expand to iOS.

The game is made to be very casual, it's a game you could play for 20 minutes a day or 20 hours a day, it's up to you! This especially ties in with our plans to expand it into the mobile scene.

We would appreciate anybody giving it a go and giving us some feedback. Feedback is what's most important at this stage, as we work to improve the game.


P.s. I was going to post some screenshots so you can see what it's like from the comfort of the forums but I don't have enough posts here yet... soon though!

Thanks, much love!