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Thread: odd dreams of me being sick and my death?

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    Default odd dreams of me being sick and my death?

    as some of you guys know i always have odd and horrible dreams. a while ago i had a dream where we got in another wreck and i saw my death and saw these beings. the dream was we were in a truck well i dont think that one is going to happen as my grandmum got her new vehicle and its a car. but my other dream i remember was i had stomach cancer in the dream i saw only my pops my grandmum was not there. but i remember this dream very vividly i remember seeing the paper from the doctor and her reading it off to me and my pops. the place was a hospital. i saw that i was sick looking and was in a hospital gown. cancer has run in our family for a long time. and most of my family has died from cancer. i aslo keep seeing this image in my mind and this is not in dream state this is in real time. in my mind i see it very lighty but its there. i see a light and some beings in which i cant make out as to whom they are right now but i see my self laying in a bed but thats all. i dont understand i just went back and they did another check up and said every thing is fine right now but they are gonna want to do a full physical. of course some things ive not told my doc as i dont want more checking and tests. any ways dose any of this have meaning or is just my mind trying to deceive me? i believe all dreams are a sign but sometimes i dont understand. thanks guys for reading

    :edit they said everything is fine. but yet my heart still hurts and is not acting right and i still feel really sick like. i have no energy at all. and i am restless meaning i barely can sleep. so i dont understand why the doctor keeps saying everything is right:

    :edit again. lately ive been feeling odd as well. everynight i go to lay down sometimes i feel this odd warmth over my body. its a warm and peaceful feeling. but once i start moving are thinking the feeling gos away. ive been feeling these beings watch me but they are not the evil ones. i feel like some one is watching over me and some how i feel like i know this person. i still feel the evil vibes but i aslo feel this vibe that is some how i know it. i cant really explain it. but whats odd is i here foot steps sometimes near my bed. i have felt things touching me. and it used to put a uneasy feeling around me. but these last few times its a feeling like my time is nearing and something is preparing my self. im not sure if im going more crazy or my family are some beings are comeing for me.:

    :ive tried to tell my famly but they dont wanna listen. i guess they just dont want to think about it or something
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    \_(ツ)_/ I dunno haha

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    You should join a kickball league or something

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    All my dreams take place in some sort of post-apocalyptic or disaster world, usually.
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    Over active imagination

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    You're pretty morbid while you're awake. Why would being asleep be any different. Dreams are far from asylum of your mind. The less you want to dream about something the more you will

    Change your bleak outlook during the day for peaceful nights.

    Like skald something. We've been telling you for years. Look for clubs at your local library. ****, even play d and d or something that requires social interaction. Get out of your head for a while.

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    fwiw i get dreams like yours too. stuff about things happening to me, realted to different events and happenings. usually when i wake up i have to spend some time thinking and going over the dream, reminding myself which feelings are real and which my dream made up. it's pretty freaky.

    about post apocalyptic dreams -- yes i should not be surprised many other people have them too. What with Russia, climate change, zombie infections etc we just dont know if Earth will be livable in 100 years or less.
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    You should write children's stories.
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    Your mind does just reveal those things, because they stimulate it. When you sleep and no sensory stimulation happens, everything you see is what your mind is stimulated by. This works a little bit evolutionary and what gets the biggest reaction wins.
    - Your mind thinks about destruction of yourself.
    It would be too far to tell you, that your mind has a death wish, but you are hung up on thoughts about destruction. That's not normal, but not entirely uncommon. When you build an image of yourself and you have no major strives in life, your mind can get into a state that goes from boredom (that makes it seek dramatic experiences), to fear of loosing itself (which come from the fact that our personalities rely on the external world and if that is barren it can not form). That way you are feeling, is a clear indication, that your mind is in a state of confused fear and paranoia. There are two paths from this. Many people, like you go for the strong momentarily satisfaction of morbidity. This means you start to play into the subtle ways the mind alerts you of destruction. You escape from boredom for a short time and make a step away from leaving it behind for good. This is, because to stay morbid, you need to keep the fear up.
    One thing you should recognize: Your fears (but also the absence of positiveness) are self made and go far far beyond justification. They are constructs you make, sand castles in your mind. You can control how they end up looking.
    If you want to get rid of that dreams, you need to simply change your view of the world and your view of yourself. See steps that are part of you "scaring yourself" as what they are. Don't stir that passion. Let that part of your mind be still and it will heal. This might sound odd to you, but what is harmless to most in terms of violence and fear aesthetics isn't to you. That's why it makes you dream bad.
    Now that you leave the morbid rest, or at the least just control it and turn it down (most people don't get harmed by it because they can control it, so if you learn to, you will feel better), you can take a shot music, art, people and culture that is constructive. Actually, you might right now have an understanding of beauty that is different from the idea of beauty that your peers and the culture around you have. I suggest you take the time, to mindfully look at what you see around you that people share and build and ask yourself, if there isn't some valuable beauty in it. Don't cast positive thoughts aside, no ones life just happens to be about negatives.

    tltr: Get your mind of things.
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    once i dreamt i was climbing a tower of corpses and there was hellfire all around it.
    i think im the son of satan.
    help pls.

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