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Thread: Arena Of Fate - Crytek - MOBA

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    Another LoL clone... just what the world needs..

    If you're going to clone a moba at least clone the only good one, clone dota.

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    There are so many isometric mobas coming out. Yet, none of them goes with the camera/character movement style of bloodline champions. Much disappoint. Very sadness.

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    Haven't had time to get to this recap yet (it's rough covering E3 as a one-man show) but the TLR version is Arena of Fate plays smoothly. Abilities are pretty imaginative and add a lot of counterplay elements while being quite obvious with their visuals on what the abilities does. The matches are on set time limits and don't have level caps which is pretty unique. There aren't any jungle mobs as far as I could find but there seemed to be control points and an epic jungle mob that spawns sometime into the match.

    Think I need a bit more time to ponder how I fell about it. Seems rather shallow compared to MOBAs on the market, yet I can see it still having that moba addiction factor and being a popular choice for moba players sick of communities that take themselves too seriously.
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