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Thread: Gundam Unicorn - The Best Anime I've Ever Seen

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    Default Gundam Unicorn - The Best Anime I've Ever Seen

    Going by the entirety of the series that recently finished, I have to say that Gundam Unicorn is by far the best anime I've ever seen. The music is beautiful. The animation is refined. The story is meaningful. Every moment of every episode made me feel something. What is an anime if it does not move you? What is life if you are not moved? For me, Gundam Unicorn transcends art itself. I ask myself, now that the series is over, will I ever hold this experience again? Gundam Unicorn is emotion. It can not be explained. It simply is what it is. What I have perceived within this series, will stick with me till death. My first love, my strongest anger, my most pathetic of fears, the sadness of what I've lost... Gundam Unicorn shares a spot alongside these memories. It has made life even more worth living. I couldn't have asked for a greater experience out of an animation. If you love anime, let alone life itself, Gundam Unicorn will not disappoint you. It will however, remind you of what makes us human.

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    00 Gundam season 1, season 2 was much better.

    Gundam Age felt pretty fresh with its 49 episodes

    Gundam build fighters was kind of odd but still none the less was worth a watch being able to see various mobile suits was nice

    these animes usually hype me and make me want to play sd gundam online xD

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    Only people that haven't seen the 90's work of the Gundam series say that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HamsterMascot View Post
    Only people that haven't seen the 90's work of the Gundam series say that.
    Seen it, Gundam 00 isn't even that great.
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